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Blood and Biohazard Cleaning


Blood and Biohazard Cleaning

The unexpected death of a loved one can be an extremely emotional time for anyone. When the death leaves behind a traumatic scene, these feelings are only compounded by the image of the events that took place which remain ingrained in loved ones memories forever. Do not further traumatize yourself by attempting to clean up the scene yourself. Professional trauma scene cleanup should be performed in order to remove 100% of the blood borne pathogens that are left behind.

In over 90% of all our cases, property insurance pays for our services. If that is the case, there will be no cost at time of service. Collission / comprehensive insurance pays for the clean up of many automobiles as well. Our office will assist you in filing a claim with your insurance provider. Our strong relationship with major insurance providers in the United states help our clients in settling claims quickly and efficiently.

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In our 90% of our cases, property insurance pays for our services