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Flood Cleanup


Flood Cleanup El Paso

Flood Cleanup for El Paso, TX. Whether it is a leak from a faulty plumbing fixture such as a broken water heater or a flood from a natural disaster, one of the first and foremost important challenges is to get the water out quickly in order to minimize any damage caused by water.

Causes of Most Water Damage / Water Damage Repairs in El Paso, TX

Broken pipes & hoses – Pipes tyend to burst especially in cold weather, water heaters, washing machine supply hoses and ice maker hoses fail most frequently

Faulty Construction / Maintenance – Roof Leaks are a common problem that if left untreated can allow water to drip through your attic or ceiling causing serious secondary damages to your roof and walls and even cause mold to begin to grow.

Accidents – Overflowing toilets or bathtubs in bathrooms. Children can quickly fill up a toilet with their favorite toys and flush non stop until the water begins to overflow.

Sewer back up – Tree roots invading and clogging drain lines – A tree root will search for water any way it can, causing the sewer line to back up into your home.

Flash flood – Natural disasters, heavy rain or hail storms can quickly flood your home. Flash Flood Cleanup is available 24 hours a day in El Paso, TX.

Our Certified Professionals Can Handle Any Flood Cleanup in El Paso, TX

We have the equipment and experience necessary to handle the most challenging water damage and flash flood cleanup situations. Our 24 Hour Crews are always prepared for water emergencies in El Paso, TX. Once the water has been removed we can concentrate on safely drying, deodorizing and disinfecting the areas that have been flooded or damaged by water.